These values permeate through every aspect of our work.


Its not just in the name, its how we work.  When you walk on a  Respectful Production set; you, your craft, and your time is valued.


Even the most meticulously planned film shoots will have unexpected challenges that must be overcome.  We at Respectful  plan our film days to a T, but we are ready and excited to face any challenges that might arise during the day.  This mentality gives us the power to finish projects, and smile in the face of adversity.   We never quit.  We never fail.  We learn.


To lead is to serve.  Respectful Productions is a community made up of cinematographers, writers, and actors.  Each of us serves the other on and off set with the specific talents that each of us has.  Personal  weaknesses are diminished by our other team members' strengths.

Our Story

Jamie Flanagan started Respectful Productions in NYC in 2018, until the company moved to Atlanta in 2019.   Atlanta’s talented, diverse, and open minded culture made it the perfect palace for Respectful to blossom. Atlanta is our home and we are blessed to grow with her.

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